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Choosing the Right Type

Railings will really set off your new or pre-existing deck. You can either design and hand built custom railing made from wood, or you can choose a manufactured railing.


Types of Railings


Natural Wood Railings

Usually designed to match the characteristics of your deck. They are generally made from pressure treated lumber or Cedar. They will match your deck and maintain the beautiful appearance of natural wood for many years as long as they are properly treated on a regular basis.


Manufactured Railings

With manufactured railings, there is a wide range of styles, from traditional to contemporary, without sacrificing ease of assembly. You’ll find railing posts and decorative post caps in a variety of materials and colors, some with integral low-voltage lighting. If you still want to install 4×4 posts, you can buy finished post sleeves to slip over them. To reduce on-site work, many manufacturers offer pre-cut balusters and preassembled rail sections. Most kits are goof-proof (many are geared toward homeowners), with printed and online instructions and video tutorials to get you started, plus toll-free numbers for design assistance before you order—and for help later, when the process veers off-course. Each railing system has an assembly and installation learning curve, but once you get past it you should be able to complete a 6-foot section of railing, balusters, and rail cap in about 30 minutes, with no further sanding, sealing, or painting required.

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